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Applique Finish Stitches

Do you get confused or overwhelmed when shopping for an applique? There are appliques that quilters use and appliques used on an embroidery machine. With the rising popularity of blanket stitch and triple/bean stitch designs, it’s very easy to confuse the two. It’s also hard to understand if you are new to embroidery appliques and don’t understand the description. I once got a message from someone telling me that my appliques aren’t real. She was a quilter and didn’t think that appliques done on an embroidery machine were real. Quilters and embroiderers see appliques differently, and that is okay. There is no need to be snarly!

With the popularity of a raw edge triple stitch finish, it is easy for a quilter to get confused about what she is purchasing. My advice is to READ the description and if you’re still not sure, message the designer. If you see the words “machine applique” or “you must own an embroidery machine” in the description, then that is your clue that the design will not come in a pdf for you to cut and piece on a quilt, but that it is done with an embroidery machine.

If you are new to embroidery and you are shopping around and see terms like “triple stitch”, “bean stitch”, “blanket stitch”, “satin stitch” and are somewhat confused….that’s okay. You’re not expected to know these things yet, but you will learn.

I have put together a list with different types of top stitches used to finish an applique design on an embroidery machine. Be sure when searching online that you read the designer's description so that you know what you are getting.

Traditional satin stitch finish (my all-time favorite!)
Triple stitch or bean stitch finish. It leaves a raw edge.
Blanket stitch finish
Motif stitch finish. This is only one of many motif designs that can be used.
Zig zag stitch finish
I hope you find this list helpful and if you have any questions about quilting appliques or embroidery appliques, feel free to send me a message.