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flower machine applique on towel

Make Your Own Towel Tutorial

Have you seen the Moda towel fabric? I actually purchased some over a year ago and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it! I also digitized this scribble flower design over a year ago and forgot about it….yes, It’s possible, I seem to forget about a lot of designs lateley! Every few months I will go thru my computer and find some great things that I made and forgot about.

Moda makes a towel fabric that you can purchase from the bolt. You can buy as much or as little as you want. A standard kitchen towel is about 16 x 28 inches, and the Moda towel comes 16 inches wide. The best part is that you can cut it any length you need. The sides come finished but the ends are unfinished so you will need your sewing machine to stitch them. But seriously, “sew” easy! Let’s get started…

This is what it looks like. As you can see , the sides already have a hem, but the ends don’t. I used a plain beige colored towel, but they come in so many colors and designs. I can’t wait to purchase more!
moda towel how to
For this project, I cut the towel 27″ long, but feel free to make it longer or shorter to meet your needs. Now for the fun part…decorating it!

Hoop the towel fabric with a tearaway stabilizer and stitch your applique or embroidery design onto the towel. Once stitching is complete, remove it from the hoop. Press out the hoop marks to make the towel smooth before sewing the hem.

Lay towel fabric with wrong side facing up, your design will be facing down, and fold fabric back about 1/4 inch and then again about 1/2 inch. Use pins or clips to hold in place. You can also press the hem to make it flatter and a little easier to stitch.
moda towel fabric how to 
To stitch the hem in place, I used the blindstitch foot on my Bernina (5) and moved the needle to the right to get a straight line. Line the edge of the fabric up with the foot and start sewing. Repeat the hem on the other side of the towel. That’s it! wasn’t that easy?

Bernina sewing a towel
Bernina sewing towel fabric
how to make a machine applique design

To get this scribble flower applique design, click here. It comes with and without the words “love grows here”.

Have a great day….Melissa

melissa bryan designs big bee applique